You can now have every subversion commit message added to specific Bugzilla issues. You do this by specifying the bug number in the commit message with the word “bug” or “issue” just before it. For example:

This commit fixes issue 145 by fixing the CSS.

The integration will look up Bugzilla issue 145 and add a comment with the contents of the commit message. Note you can indicate more that one issue if you’d like. Just include “bug” or “issue” before each issue id. E.g.

This commit fixes issue 12, bug 18 and bug 92.

To configure this integration click the Subversion menu, then next to the repository you want to associate with your Bugzilla project choose Bugzilla integration from the Action menu.

You are now prompted to enable/disable the integration and specify which Bugzilla user should be associated with the comment if the committer user name doesn’t match a Bugzilla user. Note that the integration tries to match the committer user to a Bugzilla user using “starts with” logic. So if the committer user is “wayne” the integration will match “”

Click Change when done.