Note: You must be a Bugzilla administrator or have the “editusers” permission to add a new user account.


  • Login to your Bugzilla


  • Click the Administration link in the header or footer


  • Click the Users link


  • Click the “add a new user” link


  • Enter the “Login name” which must be an email address – required
  • Enter the “Real name” – required
  • Enter the “Password” which must be at least 6 characters. If the complexity requirements are set (see User Authentication in Administration Parameters) then these must be met as well – required.
  • Leave “Bugmail Disabled” unchecked.
  • Leave “Disable text” blank.
  • Click the “Add” button


  • The user has now been created. Note that the user has not been notified of their new account. You will need to do this yourself.
  • You are now presented with a screen that allows you to change the user’s access. In most cases you can ignore these settings as the defaults work well. For more details about Bugzilla security see: Setting up Bugzilla Security.
  • Click the “back to the user list” link