• Login to Bugzilla


  • Click the “Administration” link in the header or footer


  • Click “Products” link



  • Click the “Add” link in the bottom right



  • Enter “Product” Name – required
  • Enter “Description” – required
  • Leave “Open for bug entry” checked.
  • Leave “Enable the UNCONFIRMED status in this product” checked
  • Leave “Maximum votes per person” set to 0.
  • Leave “Maximum votes a person can put on a single bug” to 1
  • Leave “Confirm a bug if it gets this many votes” set to 0.
  • Leave “Version” unspecified
  • Leave “ Create chart datasets for this product” checked.

Note: When the product is created, it must have at least one component. Additional component can be added later. Components are subsections of a product.

  • “Component”-required
  • “Component Description” –required
  • “Default Assignee” field should contain the login name of the primary person who fixes bugs in that component.
  • “Default CC List” field should contain all the login names existing in the Bugzilla database from which the user can select multiple people.
  • Click “Add” button