This integration will allow you to use GetHub commit comments to update your Bugzilla bugs.

This will cause any commit comments to be added to bugs references by the comment. E.g. the commit comment “This fixes bug 123″ will cause “This fixes bug 123″ to be added as a comment to bug 123.

You must configure both Github and devZing to make this work.

Github configuration

To configure GitHub click Settings when viewing your repository


  • Click Webhooks


  • Click Add Webhook


Fill in the Payload URL:

This is your normal bugzilla URL plus “/extensions/GithubWebhook/”



Content type should be application/json

Make sure you have selected “Just the push event” as other event types will be ignored.

Then click Add Webhook to save your webhook.

devZing configuration

Next log into your devZing account and choose “Github” from the “Bugzilla” menu

Select a Bugzilla user that will be used for the integration. Choosing “(NONE)” will disable the integration.

Click Save.


In daily use just include the keyword “bug” next to the Bugzilla defect ID you want to update in the commit message. Remember that the Github webhooks aren’t executed until you push your changes and that there can be several commits in a single push. Every commit message in a push will be evaluated so you can update 1 or 100 bugs in a single push.