• Login to Bugzilla


  • Click the “Administration” link in the header or footer


  • Click “Products” link


  • Select on the Product you wish to modify


  • You will be directed on the Edit Product Page
  • Leave “Open for bug entry” checked.
  • Leave “Enable the UNCONFIRMED status in this product” checked
  • Setting “Maximum Votes per person” to 0 disables voting
  • “Maximum Votes a person can put on a single bug” should be some number lower than the “Maximum votes per person” Never a “0” if the “Maximum votes per person” is non-zero.?????
  • Number of votes a bug in this product needs to automatically get out of the UNCONFIRMED state: Setting this field to “0” disables the automatic move of bugs from UNCONFIRMED to CONFIRMED??????
  • Once you have adjusted the values to your preference, click “Save Changes”.