First enable the import plugin

This is a one time process.

  • Log into Mantis
  • click Manage
  • click Manage Plugins
  • find Mantis CSV Importer 1.4.0 and click Install


Import your data

Do this each time you want to import.

  • Save your bug list as a CSV file – be sure to save one file per project otherwise you will have to reassign the bugs to the correct project one by one.
  • Log into Mantis
  • Click Manage
  • Choose the project that matches the file you want to import (top right dropdown)
  • Click Import CSV file


  • Click Choose File and find the CSV file you saved earlier
  • Click Upload File
  • Match the columns from your file with the fields in MantisBT. Don’t choose the “ID” column as this is only used for updating existing bugs.
  • Click Import File