While MantisBT is a great bug tracker, there are a number of settings that aren’t available in the standard user interface. Typically you need access to the config_inc.php file on the server. Rather than make you learn PHP there is a new management page available from your settings page:

Global Settings


  • Click the “Manage Global Settings” link and you’ll see the new options you can control.


  • Allow Signup: allow users to signup for their own accounts
  • Lost Password Feature: Setting to disable the ‘lost your password’ feature


  • Administrator Email: Administrator Email address
  • Webmaster Email: Webmaster email
  • From Email: the sender email, part of ‘From: ‘ header in emails
  • From Name: the sender name, part of ‘From: ‘ header in emails
  • Return Path Email: the return address for bounced mail

Display Settings

  • Window Title: browser window title
  • Admin Checks: Check for admin directory, database upgrades, etc.
  • Enable Project Documentation: Specifies whether to enable support for project documents or not
  • Show Footer Menu: Display another instance of the menu at the bottom. The top menu will still remain.
  • Show Project Menu Bar: show extra menu bar with all available projects
  • Show Assigned Names: show assigned to names. This is in the view all pages.
  • Show Priority Text: If ON shows priority as text. If OFF shows priority as icon.
  • Show Bug Project Links: show projects when in All Projects mode
  • Status Percentage Legend: Show a legend with percentage of bug status. x% of all bugs are new, y% of all bugs are assigned and so on. If set to ON it will printed below the status color legend.
  • Show Realname: show users with their real name or not
  • Sort by Last Name: sorting for names in dropdown lists. If turned on, ‘Jane Doe’ will be sorted with the ‘D’s
  • Show Avatar: Show user avatar. the current implementation is based on http://www.gravatar.com users will need to register there the same address used in this MantisBT installation to have their avatar shown.
  • Show Changelog Dates: Show release dates on changelog
  • Show Roadmap Dates: Show release dates on roadmap

Field Visibility

  • Enable Eta: Enable or disable usage of the ETA field.
  • Enable Projection: Enable or disable usage of the Projection field.
  • Enable Product Build: Enable or disable usage of the Product Build field.


  • Allow No Category: Allow a bug to have no category
  • Limit Reporters: Set to ON if you wish to limit reporters to only viewing bugs that they report.
  • Allow Close Immediately: Allow developers and above to close bugs immediately when resolving bugs
  • Allow Reporter Close: Allow reporters to close the bugs they reported, after they’re marked resolved.
  • Allow Reporter Reopen: Allow reporters to reopen the bugs they reported, after they’re marked resolved.
  • Allow Reporter Upload: Allow reporters to upload attachments to bugs they reported.
  • Allow Account Delete: Allow users to delete their own accounts


  • Rss Enabled: This flag enables or disables RSS syndication. In the case where RSS syndication is not used, it is recommended to set it to OFF.


  • Twitter Username: The twitter account user name. The integration with twitter allows for a MantisBT installation to post updates to a twitter account. This feature will be disabled if username is empty.
  • Twitter Password: The twitter account password.


  • Show Extended Project Browser: Shows only top projects in the project dropdown and adds an extra dropdown for subprojects.
  • Subprojects Inherit Categories: Sub-projects should inherit categories from parent projects.
  • Subprojects Inherit Versions: Sub-projects should inherit versions from parent projects.

Time Tracking

  • Time Tracking Enabled: Turn on Time Tracking accounting
  • Time Tracking with Billing: A billing sums
  • Time Tracking Stopwatch: Stop watch to build time tracking field
  • Time Tracking Without Note: allow time tracking to be recorded without a bugnote
Thanks and let me know of any other settings you’d like to see here.